What is KnowledgeBaseForce?

A complete web-based knowledge management system coupled with support ticket system - simple, intuitive and a neat solution and you can get started within minutes.

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Trouble Ticket System

Dynamically route and assign help desk tickets to any specific technician or group of technicians using your organization's business logic; based on ticket categories, technician skill set, location, department, technician availability and work load balance.

Knowledge Base

Provide instant content that benefits your customers and reduce the load on your customer support team. You also get free user generated content. Content created in your knowledge base can drive up your search rankings and get you noticed by the major search engines.

Easy to Setup in just 15 minutes!

Unlimited Agents, Setup Custom WorkFlows & much more!. We get you up and running in just 15 minutes. See the full list of features and benefits of KnowledgeBaseForce by clicking the link below.