The Complete Customer Support Solution

Knowledge Base Software & Support Ticket System

Knowledge Base Force is a powerful tool that provides better access and response to all your customers needs. The ticketing system portion allows your customers to easily interact with you and provide excellent customer service to them. The knowledgebase provides a community of content about your product or service that not only grows site content and traffic or leads, but also improves your customers service by letting the users find the answers themselves. With these two tools you'll be improving your user experience and allowing them to use your service or product that much easier.

Our knowledgebase solution creates a database of user generated content that provides excellent quality support when they need it. It helps to improve customer service as well as reduce the support time your internal team takes to answer repetitive questions coming from the user base.

Our support ticketing system allow you to interact with your users. They can submit troubletickets and issues related to your site or service. You can drastically reduce your overhead in your customer support department and speed up the reaction time to their requests.

Our system allows you to customize the look and feel of it to match you site and give you a fully integrated user experience. You can include this new platform easily to math you site and will be up and running in no time.

The system includes an SEO savvy architecture that allows for all of your knowledge base content to be found easily by search engines. Your highly relevant questions and answers become the basis for high search engine rankings around your keywords and market related searches.

We encourage you to try our FREE Plan for 30 days and take it for a test drive yourself.

Benefits include

  • Easy to Setup
    Up & Running in 15 minutes
  • Ease of Use
    Comprehensive Web Based Administration
  • High Performance
    Benchmarked paging algorithm supporting hundreds of thousands of pages & millions of records
  • SEO Friendly
    URL Rewriting ensures forum addresses are search engine friendly and easier to remember & type
  • Multi-Lingual
    Localize every aspect of your Knowledgebase (UI, Email Templates, Dictionary)
  • Secure Environment
    Highly secured. 256 bit encryption.
  • Multiple Roles
    Setup multiple users with multiple permission levels
  • Flexible Design
    Add your website header, change some colors and you are ready to go!