Knowledge Base Software

Provide instant content that benefits your customers and reduce the load on your customer support team. You also get free user generated content. Content created in your knowledge base can drive up your search rankings and get you noticed by the major search engines.



One place to access all your knowledgebase, guides, documentation, tickets and support materials 24x7 through your hosted KnowledgeBaseForce application. With a knowledge base system in place on your site, you can reduce the overheads involved with products or services support. Knowledge sharing are boundless on the content type, pictures, videos, HTML articles, troubleshooting guides, document sharing, trouble ticketing and Glossaries. Customize the web interface skins to incorporate into your organization's theme.

Admin Control Panel

Intuitive interface for application and content management with different control panels designated to Admin and Authors. The dedicated Admin control panel allows your Administrators to manage from behavior, settings, configuration of the application to Users administration. Managing content made simple with author control panel, which allows the content creators to focus on creating & managing all the your knowledgebase content.

Multi-Lingual Support

You can configure by customization request to display in any language. KnowledgeBaseForce application also allow the authors and admin to choose their preferred language displayed on the list.

Content Accessibility

Control what users see to ensure that they are given access to the information that is relevant to their needs. This feature also allows the external and internal user’s contents that are only accessible to specific Member groups, which is useful for storing private information.


KnowledgeBaseForce Articles works on system based on artificial intelligent tools working in a narrow domain to provide intelligent decisions with justification. Knowledge is acquired and represented using various knowledge representation techniques rules and frames.


Using Troubleshooter guide, one can create interactive questions for users that will allow them to work through a series of steps to find a specific solution to a problem. Administrator/assigned staff can easily link questions to the next troubleshooting step or possible solution.


Workflows can be set up on both the organizational and individual levels to assign, route, and manage content and tickets. Content management can be administered on any type of organization on custom layer basis. Tickets can automatically be assigned to agents based upon their workflow or the requester. Additionally, certain issues can automatically or manually be escalated to superiors based on customer and support agent feedback.


Tags allow yet another level of organizing or categorizing contents. By assigning appropriate tags to topics allows users to quickly search for and locate the relevant answers to their questions.

Field Templates & Custom Fields

Customize existing forms or design your own form with unique fields to capture & share unique data within any tab. Multiple forms can be created for use at specific workflow step and rearranged. Automatic change actions are allowed to any field when content is moved to a workflow step and can customize the available fields when working with data at any specific workflow step

SEO Friendly URL’s

KnowledgeBaseForce supports basic & search engine friendly virtual URL rewriting, which includes content titles within URL's to help improve search engine ranking. Every content adhere to an intuitive and guessable URL structure.

Support Ticket System

Dynamically route and assign help desk tickets to any specific technician or group of technicians using your organization's business logic; based on ticket categories, technician skill set, location, department, technician availability and work load balance.


Multi-Channel Ticket Requests

For users who utilize multiple points of contact to submit support request, such as email and registering on the application, all communications can be routed through the help desk first, allowing tickets to automatically be assigned to specific queue without the need to move the issue across the internal support layers. KnowledgeBaseForce allows you to define custom rules for in-bound tickets that allow you to automatically organize tickets based on various ticket parameters supplied by the end user or customer.

Customized Ticket Fields

Getting the right information from users is essential to providing a timely resolution to an issue. Customized ticket fields allow agents to specify what information must be provided by the user upfront in order to help solve their requests quickly and effectively.

Live Suggestions

Capture keywords as the user types and displays articles/tickets on the same page to avoid potential ticket re-submission.

Ticket SLA

Stream line inbound tickets based support through SLAs, by defining custom rules and workflows.

Rules & Workflows

Ability to define rules so that automated actions based on certain conditions of the tickets.

Export Ticket to Knowledgebase

Have something to share with your customer of your tickets, you can do it by just by a one click to place the ticket into Knowledgebase.

Unlimited Agents

Unlike other platforms our plans don't have any limits on the number of users that use the system. We charge a flat rate, not per user.

Setup Custom Workflows

Set up on both the organizational and individual levels to assign, route, and manage content and tickets. Content management can be administered on any type of organization on custom layer basis.

Benefits include

  • Easy to Setup
    Up & Running in 15 minutes
  • Ease of Use
    Comprehensive Web Based Administration
  • High Performance
    Benchmarked paging algorithm supporting hundreds of thousands of pages & millions of records
  • SEO Friendly
    URL Rewriting ensures forum addresses are search engine friendly and easier to remember & type
  • Multi-Lingual
    Localize every aspect of your Knowledgebase (UI, Email Templates, Dictionary)
  • Secure Environment
    Highly secured. 256 bit encryption.
  • Multiple Roles
    Setup multiple users with multiple permission levels
  • Flexible Design
    Add your website header, change some colors and you are ready to go!